Initiating Mutual Understanding through Student Exchange

Do you look forward to crossing national and cultural boundaries?
Do you believe that individual efforts can change the world?
Do you desire to listen to and understand the different voices of the world?
Do you yearn to experience what can be created when elite students gather together?

1 City, 7 Days and Nights, and 20 students from all across the globe!

We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your unique stories and experiences. Join us to experience a different culture, a new life-style, and fresh international perspectives, all while making lasting friendships and honing important personal and pre-professional skills. Embrace this life-changing opportunity and join the IMUSE conference to become part of a new group of empowered future leaders!


This Chinese-American fellowship was founded in 2007 by Harvard University, Peking University, and Tsinghua University. This program recruits students from all over the world in order to facilitate mutual understanding through cross-cultural communication and friendship. IMUSE is currently one of the most influential, student-run exchange programs in China. IMUSE has three primary goals:
  • To facilitate socially intimate and intellectually meaningful face-to-face interactions among a small group of promising American and Chinese university students in order to increase mutual curiosity, respect, and understanding among them;
  • To maintain the trans-national and trans-cultural connections created amongst staff and participants beyond the IMUSE conference and connect future leaders from both the East and the West through an active alumni network and a strong partnership among IMUSE branches at Harvard, Peking University, and Tsinghua University;
  • To challenge and inspire our delegates to be “globally proficient” through widening their cultural perspective, encouraging innovative collaboration and critical thinking, and emphasizing skills such as leadership and social responsibility, thereby equipping delegates with the skills to adapt to and thrive in new environments as well as enact high-impact, culturally-informed positive change.
We strive to achieve these goals with our biggest event, an annual conference in China. From 2008-2014, IMUSE has successfully hosted seven consecutive fellowships. Every summer, American students travel hundreds of miles to meet up with Chinese students in Beijing to participate in this two-week program. In the last seven years, IMUSE has inspired students to explore Sino-American relations in a global context through venues as varied as art, debate, and community service. Past events have included:
  • Visiting the historic slums of Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
  • Economic case study during a company visit to Hejun Consulting
  • Touring Hong Kong's top universities
  • Visiting a migrant children’s school
  • Touring the U.S. Embassy
  • Exploring Beijing’s famed 798 Art District
  • Volunteering at Sun Village (non-profit NGO caring for children of Chinese prisoners)
  • Learning about Chinese tea culture at one of the oldest teahouses in Beijing
  • Discussions about public welfare with activists from PEER (NGO dedicated to increasing access to education for migrant children)
  • Academic lectures featuring professors from Peking and Tsinghua University
...and much more!

From the 2008 tour of North American Universities, to the 2011 University of Oxford-Chinese Conference, to the 2012-2014 exchanges in Beijing and Hong Kong, it is evident that IMUSE participants are not only delegates of their respective countries, but also global citizens and future leaders in our increasingly interconnected world.

Over the years, IMUSE has always stayed true to its original vision of helping students learn to embrace and thrive in our globalized society. It has provided students with an opportunity to experience cultural differences, form and share innovative ideas, gain insight into new perspectives, and work together to apply this global knowledge and cosmopolitan understanding in ways that can meet the demands of our complex and changing world. Because of this, IMUSE's program has been succeeded year after year by extraordinary delegates, dedicated staff, and a large community of IMUSE supporters.

IMUSE is organized by the Harvard IMUSE Team, Tsinghua University- Association of Student International Communication (ASIC), and Peking University- Student International Communication Association (SICA), with generous support from the China Young Leaders Foundation (CYLDS)

2015 Conference

We’re excited to open applications for IMUSE 2015!

About IMUSE 2015

This year’s conference will be centered on the theme “Unique Histories, Shared Futures”, and will feature opportunities for delegates to not only better understand and appreciate the cultural similarities and differences between China and the U.S., but also to develop the skills necessary to thrive professionally as socially responsible citizens of an increasingly globalized world. To this end, this year’s conference will feature a variety of events, including, but not limited to:
  • The China Career Development Forum, where delegates can learn from and network with successful entrepreneurs in China.
  • A case study competition, sponsored by Hejun Consulting Group, a top consulting firm in Beijing.
  • Visits to top universities, hospitals, and local NGOs within Beijing.
  • Sightseeing at many of Beijing’s most popular attractions, including the Great Wall and the 798 Art District.
  • An outdoor concert, showcasing local independent musicians on Tsinghua University Campus.

Conference Logistics

This year, IMUSE will be held in Beijing, China on August 12-20, 2015. Delegates are expected to arrive in Beijing by 5pm on August 12th for registration purposes. Please note that these dates and times are in China Standard Time.

The conference (including food, lodging, and transportation) will be free of charge to delegates, and airfare to and from Beijing will be subsidized via reimbursement upon arrival in Beijing; the exact amount of subsidization is still being determined. Any additional costs incurred in Beijing that are unrelated to and/or outside of the IMUSE conference will be the delegate’s responsibility.

Application Logistics

The application process will consist of two steps. Applicants must first fill out a written application below. Applications will then be screened and successful applicants will be contacted within a week after the deadline for a short Skype interview. Final decisions will be made shortly after the interview, and all applicants will be notified via email of their status. Individuals that accept positions as delegates of this year’s conference will be required to pay a small deposit (to be returned upon arrival in Beijing). Failure to attend the IMUSE conference after accepting an offer as an IMUSE 2015 delegate will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

Individuals wishing to apply as American or International Delegates, please apply here:

The deadline for completion and submission of these applications is Saturday, April 18th at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.

Individuals wishing to apply as Chinese Delegates, please apply here (applications will be in Chinese):

The deadline for completion and submission of these applications is Thursday, April 30th at 11:59pm China Standard Time.

Past Programs







2014-2015 Organizing Committee

Rose-Ann Thomas
Chinese Fundraising

Rose-Ann is a senior from Brooklyn, NYC. She began informally learning Chinese in high school to supplement a Taiwanese drama addiction before formally studying China at Harvard. Rose-Ann is joint concentrating in East Asian Studies and Anthropology and minoring in Global Health. She enjoys languages, health policy, and sweet foods.

Schuyler Berland
U.S. Fundraising

Schuyler Berland is a junior at Harvard College studying social anthropology with a minor in economics and a citation in Spanish. He enjoys traveling and taking photographs during his free time. Having participated in IMUSE’s 2014 conference, Schuyler is excited to again travel to Beijing.

Annie Lin

Annie Lin is a sophomore at Harvard, concentrating in Computer Science. She is also on the Board of Harvard Women in Computer Science and Co-president of Harvard’s Taiwanese Cultural Society. Her other hobbies are like that of an old person- knitting, gardening, biking slowly, and collecting knick-knacks.

Angel Jin
Chinese Fundraising

Angel Jin (金童) was born near Hefei and spent the first six years of her life in Nanjing before moving to the Boston area. She is currently a sophomore at Harvard University majoring in Economics with interests in both Government and Psychology. This past summer, Angel worked in Athens, Greece as an intern for Mr. George Papandreou, former Prime Minister of Greece.

Amanda Fang
Chinese Fundraising

Amanda Fang is a freshman in Grays who intends on concentrating in East Asian Studies and Anthropology. She grew up in Hong Kong and Beijing but attended boarding school in the United Kingdom. Aside from participating in IMUSE, Amanda also plays for the Harvard Varsity Women's Rugby team. She is passionate about improving the understanding between China and the world.

Adriann Negreros
Chinese Fundraising

Adriann Negreros spent the past 2 years in China. He is a Harvard University sophomore who is very interested in fitness and (trying) to eat healthy. Also a big fan of basketball, FIFA, and Super Smash Bros. 我的微信号是: negrera2. 欢迎加我一下.

Cara Jacobson
U.S. Fundraising

Cara Jacobson is a freshman in Canaday who is likely to concentrate in government. She is from Long Island, New York. Cara is passionate about studying different cultures and would love to improve understanding between the US and China. In her free time, Cara sings in the University Choir and acts in HRDC plays.

Benjamin Zhou
U.S. Fundraising

Benjamin Zhou is a Junior at Harvard College concentrating in Applied Math born on Prince Edward Island, Canada, and raised on the sunny shores of Southern California. His interest in IMUSE stems from a strong interest in Chinese affairs as the son of two first generation Chinese immigrants, and the descendant of a large extended family still residing in China. In his free time, Benjamin enjoys playing basketball, doing long hikes, and writing things on large whiteboards.

Brooke Nowakowski
U.S. Fundraising

Brooke Nowakowski is a junior in Quincy House and an East Asian Studies concentrator. Outside of her interest in the political and social relationships between the U.S., China and Japan, she is interested in venture formation and general entrepreneurship. She currently serves as a co-founder at Spray Cake L.L.C, a consumer goods startup founded in January 2014.

Christopher Li
U.S. Fundraising

Chris Li is a freshman from Millburn, New Jersey. Although undecided on a concentration, he is interested in Comparative Literature, Government, and Molecular Biology. Chris plays viola and is involved with the Harvard China Forum, PBHA, the Harvard International Review, the Board of Strategy of the IRC, and the Undergraduate Admissions Office. In his free time, he enjoys pretending to read French literature, overusing Snapchat, and cats.

Our Sponsors

Current Sponsors

Baidu is a Chinese web services company headquartered in Beijing, offering many services including a Chinese language search engine for websites, audio files, and images, as well as an online collaborately-built encyclopedia, and a searchable keyword-based discussion forum.

Hejun Consulting Group
Hejun Consulting Groups is one of the largest comprehensive consulting companies in China with over 1,000 employees and conducts more thant 300 management consulting and financialy advisory projects each year.

Google China
Google China is a subsidiary of Google Inc., the world's largest Internet search engine company and ranks as the number two search engine in the People's Republic of China.

Former Sponsors

2008 Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games
Wuxi PharmaTech
Lenovo (Participant Prizes Sponsor)
Kodak ("Landscapes of Modern China" Photography Exhibition Sponsor) (Online Profile Sponsor)

Contact Us

IMUSE is a non-profit organization aiming to foster a strong relationship between young Chinese and U.S students. Our annual conference is always subsidized for delegates, and all ground transportation, food, and events are free of charge. We want to keep our conference financially affordable for all our delegates. In order to do that, IMUSE needs your help! Any monetary donations or company sponsorships are greatly appreciated and all proceeds would go to making our Beijing conference as memorable as possible. Please contact us (using the form below) or e-mail if interested in donating or joining our organization.